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Happy to announce next workshop on generative design and robotic rod bending that we are organizing with Mateusz Zwierzycki!


This workshop is dedicated to the Architecture and Design professionals as well as students interested in the exploration of the digital design techniques and robotic fabrication. The aim of this workshop is to materialize a chair designed with help of generative algorithms via robotic fabrication. To design the form of the chair we will go through an intensive course of generative design techniques, k-means clustering, structural analysis and optimization done with the help of Anemone, Galapagos, Millipede and other plugins. Finally we will employ a 6-axis robot with custom tooling to fabricate the chair via robotic rod bending. No prior experience with Grasshopper or robotic fabrication is required, although basic knowledge in 3d modelling would be an asset.



The deadline for application is 13.03.2017
Apply by sending email titled ‘workshop_chair’ to and by getting your ticket on eventbrite here. Please bear in mind that your participation is confirmed after payment.



Contact us with email


// FEE

We have special pricing for students, as well as an early bird offer. Check the Eventbrite list to get more details. Please bear in mind that a limited amount of seats is available (minimum 8 people, maximum 16).  Early applications will be prioritised and your participation will be confirmed after payment. Strict Cancellation Policy: 50% refund up until 7 days prior to the event, except fees.



Maria Smigielska, Mateusz Zwierzycki, AAn+1



Maria Smigielska, Mateusz Zwierzycki



Early Bird Student 280 E
Early Bird Pro 320 E
Regular Student 300 E
Regular Pro 350 E

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